Help please, Radeon 9800/TV

By loic214 ยท 8 replies
Jan 12, 2004
  1. I think, I've done everything I could, but my TV output still doesn't work !
    I've got a dell dimension 8300, Intel 875P chipset,
    I installed the latest Catalyst drivers,
    S-Vhs cable to TV with s-vhs input,
    It really seems that my card does not detect any signal at the s-vhs input, always looks not connected.
    With catalyst, I can force the TV detection, but it doesn't help.

    Have you got any idea ?
    I really start to get fed up !

    Of course, s-vhs cable works, TV is recent ...
  2. Hitman`

    Hitman` TS Rookie Posts: 41

    There is a spot in the driver config where you can extend your desktop onto this monitor or make it the default. That is easy to do. If your trying to get TV in, you cant. The R9800 is not a VIVO card.
  3. loic214

    loic214 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No, of course, I'm talking about TV output.
    Once again, I've tried everything obvious, but never my card seems to detect a TV connected on the s-vhs slot.

    I've no idea where to look for now !

    Thanks for ideas
  4. Scol

    Scol TS Rookie Posts: 88

    What kind of TV is it? Are you set on the right video mode on the TV? :p I dunno...

    How about in your display properties? How do you have it configured?
  5. Chucara

    Chucara TS Rookie

    My TV refuses to establish a connection unless there is also audio.. I don't know about yours naturally
  6. Loafer

    Loafer TS Member Posts: 21

    I think you have to have the TV connected and on before you turn the computer on, for the video card to recognise the connection. I think this is right, hope it helps it some way.
  7. loic214

    loic214 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks a lot to all.
    My TV is a very recent one, with s-vhs input and it's switched on before I turn, the computer on.
    No, I would like to get the right thing to do to test my card s-vhs output.
    Do you know what to do to check that ?
    At least I want to be sure that my card is ok.
  8. vedder1979

    vedder1979 TS Rookie

    Problem May Be Solved

    I read some where on the net about this recently, if im not mistaken you should go to the display setting and try to set it in different kinda mode (display)....i think i read it at (Can i Say this?)
  9. loic214

    loic214 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    That's OK now !

    Thanks a lot. I was right to insist. The problem was with the video card (ATI radeon 9800). I have it changed by Dell under guarantee.
    Now everything is all right !
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