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By bcoach936
Sep 15, 2003
  1. I just bought the Midiland 7100 plus Speakers /w a decoder . On the back of the decoder box it has an output for 3 red and 3 white RCA Wires that go to the sub and then out to the speakers. Then also on the decoder an input with just a left and right that goes to the sound card, plus the decoder also has a place for optical and s/pdif. The sound card Sound Balster audigy 2 has # 1 digital out jack, # 2 line in for cd player or whatever, #3 Mic in, # 4 line out (top) and line out 3 (bottom) for front and rear channels. #5 sb1394 port, #6 joystic #7 ad_ext #8 analog cd audio left and right digital # 9 cd-dvd rom. What exactly am I going to need for correct hook up as far as plug ins and jacks adapters etc......
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