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By canadaguy555
Mar 8, 2005
  1. ok i bought a new mother board and video card and i put them together in the case and turn on my comp and now i was told to clear the hard drive and reinstall windows but i dont have a clue how to clear he hard drive?? any help would be much appreciated.
  2. nickc

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    Are you using Windows XP? If so place the CD rom in the CD player and reboot when it asks about booting form CD tell it yes, probably will be hit any key. then have it format the drive you want Windows on. Then install Windows on that drive.

    your done

    put any drivers back you need to, and all should work. It would be a good idea to back thinks like your address book before you format as that will be gone. Anything on another hard drive will not be gone all programs will have to be reinstalled. If they are on another harddrive and any data on that harddrive is with them it will be spared otherwise it will be gone.
  3. SNIL

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    Boot from the XP disc. When the setup gives you the option to press R for recovery console, use it. Log on to your Windows installation by pressing 1 when prompted. When you get a prompt, type 'format c: /fs:ntfs' (you can replace ntfs with fat32 if you use that file system). This will ensure that all the crap is deleted off your hard drive. When you format just under the Windows setup, it doesn't clear everything.
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