Help!!!! Radeon X1800xt 512mb Crashes!!!

By boozeedoo · 9 replies
Mar 16, 2006
  1. Hi
    I am new to the forums but I am desperate for help. I have just built the following computer:

    Abit AN8 Fata1ty motherboard
    Athlon 64 3800+
    2 x Corsair Value select 400/3200 1gb ram modules
    Ati Radeon X1800XT 512mb
    250 gb 7200 rpm SATA HD (Maxtor)
    Running WinXP 64 trial
    550w power

    Latest ATI drivers
    Latest Nforce 4 drivers
    Latest sound drivers
    Latest AMD 64 processor driver

    The rpoblem I have is that the computer crashes whenever I ty to do anything remotely 3d. I have tried 3dmark 01 /05 and they both crash - mainly forcing a restart of the system, but sometimes just returning to windows. I cant play any games without it crashing during startup. I have tried turning off CCC, and using Ati tray tool, and using rivatune to turn my fan to 100% to keep the GPU temp down, thinking it would be an overheat issue, but still the same result. I am truly at m wits end as I have spent 3 days trying to get it to run. the farthest it has gone is to the end of the 3rd test in 3dmark05 before crashing.

    I have even tried swapping the memory about

    all temp ranges through out the system are perfectly fine, and I have tried previous drivers with and without catalyst. The only strange thing I can see is that in catalyst is that it lets the core clock be selected to 5000, obviously I'm not gonna do that though!

    Even as I ave ben sitting here, the computer has powered off from windows!

    I have built this rig for gaming, but cant play any games on it.... -HELP HELP HELP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
  2. boozeedoo

    boozeedoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    One thing I forgot to say is that no matter what gfx driver i put on, the computer then recognises two new unknown pieces of hardware which are apparently something to do with the graphics card?!!?
  3. hadoud76

    hadoud76 TS Rookie Posts: 41

    You have an ATI Radeon X1800xt 512mb, and it crashes:
    1 Make sure your Mother Board is alright, and make sure the card is inserted in the slot placidly
    2 Contact the vendor
    3 Give me the card, please!( Kidding)
    4 You have come to the right place, Im sure if the first two steps aren't enough someone else from the forums will help you.

    And regarding the other post I think you should uninstall then install your MotherBoard's drivers
  4. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    Well pretty gutsy running XP 64 trial, do u have 32bit WinXP you can try out?
    Couple of HW points: What make/model is your PSU? Have you got all PSU connections connected to the X1800xt AND the mobo properly. Some mobos have a secondary power-in molex near the AGP or PCI-E slot for current sucking fat big juicy video cards like the X1800xt.

    My guesses in order: 64 bit OS trial, under powered system or under power video card, overheating CPU.

    See what the others think. Cheers
  5. boozeedoo

    boozeedoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for the replies... in response:

    PSU - I have tried two PSUs - one 500w and the 550w that currently resides
    O/S - I was running XP home 32 bit prior to trialling 64, as I thought it may have been a 'bit-based' issue
    I have reinstalled motherboard drivers with no success

    *I have just replaced my new corsair memory with 2 x 512mb lumps, from my other computer system, and it now can run Farcry with no problems. although memory tests run on the 2 hardware blocks show all ok, I am now suspecting that there may be a fault/compatibility issue with this - anyone had any stability issues with new mem modules?
    *Successfully ran 3dmark 05 just now giving me a score of 8717 - does this sound ok for my system seeing that I am now running with 1gb of 2700ddr ram?
  6. Copsh

    Copsh TS Rookie

    Sorry to bump if this thread is old, I found it on google. I am having exactly the same problems as described by the OP.

    This problem has happaned over the last 2 days and the only thing I did was open the case to blow out some dust that seems to gather at an alarming rate.
    I can conclude that the card is not overheating as it is crashing at around 60deg. I've trired un-installing and re-installing all drivers and the CCC with no luck. Sometimes I can play a game for an extended period of time (about an hour) before it crashes. Other times it crashes AS the game loads.

    I will try swapping my RAM around, but I dont see how this would help as I've had this PC since January and had no problems with it.

    My specs are:
    * AMD Athlon 64BIT 4000 (San Diago) 1MB L2 Cache (939 pin)
    * 2048 MB DDR400 PC320
    * 200 GB HDD @ 7200rpm 8mb cache
    * 512MB Radeon X1800XT
  7. kirock

    kirock TS Rookie Posts: 1,221

    What kind of PSU do you have?
  8. boozeedoo

    boozeedoo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Itg was definately the power supply with me and I took ages looking, as I believed I had 2 good supplies already 500 + 550w. wattage is not everything - the supply needs to be a quality piece of kit, trust me!!!!!
  9. marques

    marques TS Rookie

    For me it was also the power supply!
    My system went crashing at around 60c also.
    So I bought a 550W with PCIe power.
    It's named POWER and costed only 50€. Never heard of them, but the shop recommened it, so it doesn't need to be a big name/bucks to work.

    I was freaking out so now I'm writing on all the forums where I've been reading about same stuff.

    Hope it works for others.
  10. jake keeys

    jake keeys TS Rookie

    YuP Same Problem

    very irritateing a graphics card is the last thing in my computer that i though wasnt going to get enough power but anyway i think my wattage is 350 my computer is a dell dimension 8400 and every time i try and do anything like open a game it will just crashs putting square patters all over my screen then if im lucky restart the graphics processor
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