Help Removing CiD ads

By ~Lemon~
Feb 7, 2008
  1. Recently there's been alot of CiD ads popping up everytime i connect to the internet or start internet explorer.

    I've searched everywhere on google on how to remove them...but they dont seem to work, so i joined techspot to post a log and see if you guys can help me. Thanks.

    I've run hijackthis.

    I've also run "Nolop" from one of the other posts, nothing came up.

    attached is the log for hijackthis

    Please help me, thanks.
  2. ~Lemon~

    ~Lemon~ TS Rookie Topic Starter


    I read the intructions for removing malware/ads/etc so i ran the 3 tools, did the other scans. I also ran the panda anti root kit & nolop, but both came out clean. Attached are fresh logs for...

    AVG anti spyware.

    The cid ads are still popping up...damn them.
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