Help Request - BSOD Shows up even after HD Wipe/OS Reinstall

By Magus59
Apr 29, 2006
  1. Hello, and thanks in advance to all.

    I have a Dell Inspiron laptop, a 1200. I don't use it for much outside of easy games, email & web, and office products. A few months ago, the BSOD started showingup. I tried doing a system restore, but it didn't help anything, so I wiped the hard drive and reinstalled windows from the Dell disk. As soon as I go to install a driver, the BSOD shows up again, and it has been consistently showing up every day since. I believe the first times I was getting errors "IRQ Not less equal too" or something along those lines, I didn't write it down, but the latest one I got was the following

    Page Fault in Non Paged Area


    There have been no hardware changes that might have caused it to begin, and the really irritating part is that I have a hardware warrenty from Dell, but they're tyring to convince me that it is a software issue, and won't do anything to help.

    Again, thanks for your help!
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