Help required on UT2003 for pc

By RastaMasta
Dec 22, 2004
  1. almost every server i try to join it stops me joining and leaves me with the following message

    Failed launching URL
    Can't import private object moNumericEdit moNumericEdit

    If there is anything else that it says i dont know because it is off the side of my screen. Fairly unlikely being a 17inch (LCD flatscreen Moniter) but still possible.
    I was wondering how to make that message stop appearing so that i can play online

    i thank you in advace for your help :cool:
  2. voxite

    voxite TS Rookie

    ut2003 problems

    this problem could be due to a mod or mutator that you have downloaded. it could be a deleted file by accident or any other problem . try reinstalling the program
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