Help required with Xbox to PC to ISDN

By theecentre
Nov 6, 2002
  1. My name is Stephen Keen and I hope you will spend a little of your time in helping me tweak an 128K isdn connection, to get the best speed etc.. for playing my Xbox, LAN through my PC using xbconnect 2.2 and WinCap 2.??? on line.

    I had better use Win2000 over 98SE/ME as the OS on a dual boot system.

    I have used the guides on this site to help some tuning etc...

    But, my gaming tweaks may need to be more specific. Do you have any ideas as to help get the most from the system?

    Many thanks in advance


    Stephen Keen
  2. Tenchu

    Tenchu TS Rookie

    Well the only advice i can give you is to upgrade your Win2000 to WinXP, and combine it with a LYNKSYS router and you should be ok. It will give you better and faster connection. I've been using this for some time now with no problem and i have the same connection speed as you. Good luck!! ;)
  3. theecentre

    theecentre TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Is Xp a better O/S for online gaming etc...?

    Will this router plug straight into my wall mounted ISDN box? It looks like it use a lan cable but with only 4 pins?


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