HELP sapphire 9700 pro core/mem speed

By jonnhy12333
Jul 28, 2003
  1. I just purchased a computer from and I got a 9700 pro board with it. I know it is a pro becuase I took it out and it said "sapphire 9700 pro" on it. However, the core/mem speeds come stock at 297/290 which is not right, pro 9700s should be 325/310. I know it's not a 9700 np becuase np's are 270/275. when I overclock it to what the speed should be (325/310), I get minor artifacts. This should not happen with a 9700 pro at stock speeds. I was hoping to get it to like 350/325 or something to that effect. What could be wrong with the card?
  2. krowdpeleeza

    krowdpeleeza TS Rookie Posts: 30

    they could have used different memory for the board. There is a program floating around the web that will tell you the specific type of ram the is used on the board...I think its radedit (but dont quote me on that). You should check out the forums over at for a little more info. Just dont pay any attention to the whinners!;)
  3. JSR

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    that's because

    you do not, have, the pro, .....dude.......i don't care what it says...........and the moon is made get the picture
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