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May 12, 2005
  1. We have a working LAN set up in our business and just set up a wireless network in another office. (Same building, less than 200 foot away) Both networks are able to share the internet. The 5 PC's on our LAN work okay and can share files & printers. The 4 PC's on the wireless network also work fine.
    Our DSL runs into a SMC Barricade Router that we have used for years on our LAN. We added a Belkin Wireless Access Point that we plugged into the router for the other office. Problem is that the PC's on the LAN won't see the PC's on the wireless, and vise versa, yet everyone has internet access. Hope all this makes sense.

    Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  2. Nodsu

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    "Don't see" means what? You cannot browse the network neigbourhood or you can't ping the other lot?

    Are all the PCs on the same subnet? Windows network browsing does not work across subnets/routers unless you set up a WINS/DNS server.
  3. LaserSmith

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    Can't see the wireless network from the LAN or ping them.
    Can't see the LAN from the wireless network or ping them.
    Yes. All PC's on same subnet.

  4. nein

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    I'd never used Belkin's wireless hardware, but what you needed was setting up the Belkin into a wireless switch and disable all its other common server functions, you 've to remap all the Belkins wireless hardware "WAN" ports to the internal "LAN" ports and vice-versa.

    The Belkin would be just a wireless switch and let the SMC Barricade Router to do its already pre-assigned job.
  5. Nodsu

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    Reading over your question again.. "router for the other office".
    So you actually have two routers there?
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