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By turbotime
Jan 17, 2008
  1. I posted a similar topic under OS but thought this forum might be more appropriate.

    The other day I downloaded a file I knew I shouldn't have, and of course I was then infected. I've ran as many tests/anti/spy-mal-virus programs as possible. Cleaned my temps and registry and defraged my drive. Now it seems as though the virus/infection is gone but it has left my machine a bit slow.

    Firefox, AIM, and itunes along with adaware and a few other programs load quite slowly (30sec-1 min: when im used to 2-10 seconds) while others such as Fruity Loops and WoW load in a regular time spand. Folders seem to open normally too (my computer, my docs, etc.). It has also left web browsing as slow as 56k :(

    I have ran and attached the logs for hijackthis, combofix, and McAfee Rootkit.

    Any suggestions would be helpful.
  2. jerryrichard

    jerryrichard TS Rookie

    turbotime; One quick check you could try is to hit your ctrl, alt, and del keys at the same time to start your windows task manager. Once that comes up you can click on the application tab and see a list of programs that are running. If you find some extras running in there that you don't think you want or need running you can select them one at a time and then click on the end task button at the bottom and it will end the program that you high lighted. Once you have done this you can also click on the Processes tab and take a good look to see if you have processes running that you did not expect to have running. If you find something running that you don't want then you can end that process by clicking on it to high light it and then click on the end process button at the bottom of the window again. Caution, if you don't have any idea what something is don't just up and end it because you could shut down or lock up your machine. The reason you want to check these is that you may of eliminated virus, or malware, or spyware, but while they were in your system they may of altered your boot sequence and added several internet explorer processes to go back to their mother server and report on your system and data. If you find a single internet explorer process running that you don't have running for a reason that you want, then you have a competition for your resources and you might want to end these extra internet explorer tasks. It is a lot of words but it won't take you long to do the checks. Good luck.
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