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By SenateKT
Aug 3, 2007
  1. SNOW screen please help

    I just installed a new PCI-e Radeon X1550 on my office PC. I got the drivers from ATI web page installed the latest ones. For some reason when I boot up the screen is all snowy but soon as windows loads its normal and looks fine. Does any one know why this would be and how I can fix it?

    Ok sorry here is a little more information. We recently purchased a new computer for the office which came with windows vista basic, the motherboard is a mcp61pm-hm. I formated it and installed windows XP pro so I could connect to the domain and for compatibility issues. I disabled the onboard video and installed a X1550 and a linksys pci NIC card(because couldn't find xp drivers for the onboard). I installed XP drivers for everything including the chipset. There is only one item on the devise manager with a yellow ? now called "PCI device" not sure what it is. When I turn the computer on the "Compaq" screen comes up its fine looks clear then it gets all snowy through the windows loading bar screen, soon as the log on screen comes up it is normal again any one know why this might be?
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    bump I edited and need help
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