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Help ! Unable to complete SB Audigy2 Install Missing Shortcuts

By batch249
Mar 7, 2005
  1. I posted this thread under Audio/Video as well, but felt I may get more replies under a "general type" category. This may OS releated but I don't know for sure.

    I am having problems with completing SB2 Audigy installation. Some of the program shortcuts are not found. XP tries to find them and says they are invalid and should be deleted.

    I have done the following to no avail.

    Turned off NAV during install
    Totally remove any previous installs via a "safe mode" boot.
    Tried to install affected shortcut appications singularly

    Any suggestions PLEASE !
  2. Slifer

    Slifer TS Rookie

    Hi Batch249,

    I'm guessing you've scanned your comptuer for spyware and virus? If not please do.

    Next I would try a clean install here are the directions

    Try the following cleansweep and re-installation procedure, to see if it

    1. Click START / RUN / Type MSCONFIG and press ENTER.

    2. Insert a check to the left of SELECTIVE STARTUP and deselect 'LOAD STARTUP ITEMS'.

    3. Select the SERVICES tab and select HIDE ALL MICROSOFT SERVICES.

    4. Uncheck all results and click OK.

    5. Click OK and reboot when prompted.

    6. Enable the WINDOWS XP STARTUP MENU by rebooting your computer and tapping F8 once every second OR holding the SHIFT key while rebooting.

    7. When the menu is displayed, select SAFE MODE and press ENTER.

    8. Once in SAFE MODE, insert the sound card's installation CD and exit out of the installer

    9. Click START / RUN.

    10. Type "X:\AUDIO\DRIVERS\CTZAPXX.EXE into the OPEN field (replace X with the applicable CD-ROM drive letter).

    11. Click OK.


    13. If two out of the three options are disabled or grayed out under
    DRIVER TYPE, click OK. Otherwise, select WDM. You will then be
    prompted to reboot, but please do not do so.


    15. Remove all Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS programs.

    16. Close all windows, and reboot the computer normally (ENTER NORMAL MODE).

    17. The Audigy 2 ZS will be detected by Windows. Cancel the ADD NEW HARDWARE WIZARD when able.

    In order to install your soundcard properly, I recommend you to ensure the following for the audio installation and test:
    - The card is the only card installed other than the Graphics card.
    - The card is at least one empty slot away from the Graphics card.
    - Place the soundcard away from all the others.
    - That the card is seated properly in the PCI slot.
    - Move the PC's internal wires away from the soundcard.
    - That the on-board sound on your motherboard is disabled through the BIOS.
    - That the on-board gameport is disabled through the BIOS.
    - That your motherboard BIOS is up-to-date.
    - That the operating system is up-to-date with the latest service packs and patches.
    - That there are no background applications open when you attempt the solution.
    - That the anti-virus program is disabled.
    - That if you are over-clocking your system, return all options to their recommended settings.
    - That you access the PC with administrator rights.

    18. Perform an installation via the CTRUN program on the CD (X:\CTRUN\CTRUN.EXE where X is the drive letter of your CD drive that has the installation CD).

    19. Reboot if prompted.

    20. Please obtain the latest updates for your Audigy 2 ZS card from our

    21. Once you are prompted to OPEN FROM CURRENT LOCATION or SAVE TO DISK, select SAVE TO DISK and download the update to MY DESKTOP.

    22. When the file has completed the phase of being transferred to your computer, locate the file on your desktop and double click the file.

  3. batch249

    batch249 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    SB Audugy Install problems


    Sorry, tried all your suggestions and problem still remains. I am thinking of unistalling NAV and then trying it again. Any further suggestion ?
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