Help ! Unable to complete SB Audigy2 Install Missing Shortcuts

By batch249
Mar 17, 2005
  1. I have tried numerous iterations of removing and re-installing the SB Audigy 2 software and have had no luck. Some of the program shortcut icons do not appear in the programs window, therefore I cannot launch them. When i use the search utility to restablish the shortcut it cannot find the missing .exe files.

    I have tried the following:

    o Disabled and removed NAV before installing SB Audigy 2.
    o Removed SB Audigy2 in safe mode and also removed Creative directories in Install information folder under Programs.

    I never noticed these problems until I installed SP 2 on my system.

    Running XP Pro on P4 @ 3.2 GHz w/1GB RAM

    Any info is greatly appreciated !
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