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Apr 9, 2006
  1. Im using a D-Link switch to connect 2 laptops to the internet my first pc is connected to my dsl modem and i can acces the internet, i have it also connected to my switch. my other pc is also conected to the switch but i cant connect to the net. is there any installation i have to do?
  2. Spike

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    If you're sharing the internet connection of one computer to the other, through the modem connected to one computer, you don't need a switch. You need only a crossover ethernet cable. The switch will provide you with little benefit (to the best of my knowledge) and just adds an element of unessecary complexity.
  3. glenn_rolek

    glenn_rolek TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok how can i dop that?
  4. Jimbo420

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    I standard cable looks like this

    A cross over cable looks like this

    I am pretty sure that spike is correct. You don't need a switch. It sounds like you have a second nic in there. Instead of running that to the switch you run the cross over cable to the other computer. Then make sure that your share internet connection feature is turned activated on the computer that is connected to the modem.
  5. jobeard

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    if you're trying to connect thusly;
    then you need a router, not a switch.

    The switch is like a junction box or A/C power extension cord; it allows
    multiple connections to the 'source'.

    For multiple PCs, the router ensures that each gets a unique IP address on
    the LAN, so that each runs independently.
  6. IBN

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    When would you need a switch then?

    Am i correct in thinking that for example if you had 100 computers. They would be connected to a switch and the swich would be connected to the router...?

    But then what about IP adresses? Would each computer have its own or not?


    what would be the benefit if one had only 2 pcs???
  7. Samstoned

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    put the switch in between the modem and the 2 pc's
    set your nics to dynamic
    your connection will run slower when both machines are communicating
    back of switch may have a plug that says WAN that is the modem side
    the next plug do not use
    routers send packets of information where you tell it
    can act as a dhcp server assigning ip address's to the network
    and filter of ports going into your machines
    unmanaged switch cannot do this

    thats my take
    as I tell all my clients
    get a router for the protection even when you have 1 machine will stop attacks on open ports
    for DSL it acts as the modem connector ,you don't need the connection software anymore
  8. Nodsu

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    What a mess.. If your DSL requires using PPPoE connections (you put in a username and a password in your computer), then you can forget about using a switch. Your ISP would have to be braindead to allow two connections with the same username. You need a router to make your computers share one PPPoE connection..

    A switch connects machines on the ethernet level. It does not know or care about any IP addresses. So, if you connect 100 computers to a bunch of switches, then you need to either set up a seperate DHCP server or assign IP addresses manually.

    A switch or a hub is needed to connect several computers to ethernet. Home routers come with a builtin switch.
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