Help w/ boot.ini and Novell NetWare

By jenns
Dec 10, 2007
  1. Hello,

    I am hoping someone can help me with an issue I am having going into safe mode/logging in.

    My work laptop has Novell Netware installed on it. When I tried and run it in safe mode (F8 at start up), it gave me the normal logon window to log me into the network. This happened whether trying to go into Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. It would not log me into the computer adn therefore, I was never able to get past the logon screen.

    In hindsight, I realize this was a stupid idea, but I thought if I ran msconfig and changed the boot.ini tab to load in safe mode, it would bypass the log on aspect of the computer.

    It didn't work, and now I am stuck with a computer that is only starts in Safe Mode, but will not completely boot up b/c of the password issue.

    I do not know how to change the boot.ini without completely loading up the you?

    Any help would be great...THANKS
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