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By shreww
Feb 4, 2006
  1. Hey guys, I hope someone can help me here...

    I have a dell8300 desktop that woks great for me currently, except that I have problems with an overheating radeon 9800pro. This is a common problem with these computers, and I am on my second video card from dell.
    the first thing I want is to make sure I don't fry the video card again (it does what I need quite well, and it is no longer under warranty). Next, I would like to build my own system, as I do not like the proprietary parts thing that the major manufacturers do to us so we cant upgrade with anything but THEIR parts!
    As I said the computer works for me, so I cant complain much. Also, I have a VERY limited budget.

    First question - could I buy a new tower case with adequate ventilation and mount my current motherboard and cpu from the dell in it? I would like to do this to keep my stuff cool, and be ready (when I get the money) to get a new 939 board and a new processor. So I could spend just a little money to start on it, and keep upgrading? I will use the optical and HDDs, as well as the AGP and PCI sound cards from the dell - the only problem is whether the motherboard will mount in an atx case such as this one -
    also - what do you guys think about this case? I want something with fans included and set up if possible (just simpler that way) with good air flow. Is it worth it to spend money on a case? I have seen some for more like $30, but I am worried about air flow. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    I will use this for video editing (DV) and games, as well as being my home computer. I want to build as a hobby, but have very little money available - $80 is a lot for me to think of spending on a case!
    thanks guys
    any further info you need I will try to get you

  2. gentoo

    gentoo TS Rookie

    It may work

    As for as the mobo fitting into another case is going to be tricky. When you by a mobo it comes with a plate for the back of the computer and all the external ports match to it. It will mount in any atx case but there may be gaps around the onboard ports. Everything else should go in fine. I checked out the case and one problem I have with that case is it has no fan on the clear side and it only comes with 2 fans. Not much on cooling there. I just bought a NZXT Nemesis Elite case and it comes with 3 120mm led fans. I have never seen my hard drive and cpu so cool. It did cost me $119.00 but well worth it. Heat is the number one killer of pc parts. Here is a link to the case. Hope this was helpfull. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  3. vnf4ultra

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    I'm not sure if that board will fit in another case or not. It's kind of in-between atx and matx as far as size, so I guess if you get a full atx case you'll have enough room, but not sure if the motherboard has standard mounting holes. As long as you can get a few to line up though, it should work. Just remove all extra standoffs that aren't used, or they may short out on the motherboard.
    I think I read somewhere that someone had put a dell system like that in a atx case, but I can't remember completely.
  4. shreww

    shreww TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks for the help guys - I really like that case too, except for the goofy front door....oh well. I really like the 3 120mm fans. I may go with the non-elite model ($79 with all the same stuff) no temp probe, and it is steel instead of aluminum, but looks pretty good anyway.
    thanks for the help - still checking things out. It would be nice to get a case I could put the Dell mobo into for a while till I get money to upgrade to AMD x2 and nice new motherboard.

    I like the bigger fans (though I like the top-mount fan Idea), and lots of room for the insides. Money is a big deal now though - I may just wait till I have money and get what I really want. I may very well go with this case.

    further suggestions would be great - thanks guys
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