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Feb 7, 2006
  1. OK well my pc right now got 1 gig 2 512 mb chips my mobo can hold 2 gigs...any way im thinking of buying a 1 gig ram chip kingston off tiger if i buy this ram chip will i be abel to keep the 1 gig and a 512 chip in there or would i have to remove both 512 chips and leave 1 gig in there alone?

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    That depends on your motherboard. Check your manual and it will give you the lay out of what combinations it can handle. Example: DDR SS 512 in slot 1 and 2. DDR DS 512 in slots 1 and 3. (SS =single sided, DS = double sided)
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    um ok

    lol i wasnt being rude by the way just saying tell me what i need to know about the ram etc...
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    If youre sure the new 1 GB ram is a 184 pins then you should be fine with leaveing in one of the 512 Ram cards.. THOUGH.. youre MOBO will automaticly run both the cards as the speed of the slowest card.. meaning: if you have one 512 with 266 Mhz and one 1024MB with 400Mhz.. they will both run at the slowest speed.. 266 Mhz
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    well the guy who i usally order my parts from got me the same speed as the ones ive got in now so both will be 400 mhz...
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