Help with ATI Radeon Mobility 9700

By redeye2433
Nov 15, 2005
  1. I've had a Dell 9100 Inspiron laptop for just over a year. I upgraded the video card at purchase to the Radeon Mobility 9700. Just recently, the card has stopped working. The screen will shut down unless I start the computer in VGA mode. No matter what resolution I try to change to, the screen will turn off. I ended up disabling the 9700 and was able to use whatever onboard video the original motherboard came with. I can now change my resolution and function fine surfing the net and such but of course, none of the games I play will work on it now.

    I searched the net furiously for a replacement "card" but was unable to find anyone that carries ANY laptop video cards. Dell has sent me a replacement after raping me for 230 dollars. The best part is it says "Refurbished". Does anyone know where I can get either the same or a different model that can handle gaming? And even if I can, is it something that I can replace myself? I'm fairly handy with computers, but laptops are a little foreign to me...

    Thanks for any help...
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