Help! With audio capture, Win-TV PVR 150.

By Trying2Hard
Sep 24, 2006
  1. Hello, I'm new 2 the site, looks to be very tech saavy. I have recently purchased a MCE computer, has the WinTV PVR 150, I am trying to record some of my son's baby videos from VHS-C camcorder, using the s-video and/or yellow/white composite cables from the camcorder. I used Windows Movie Maker, captured video but no audio. Same using AVS video capture. I have Realtek HD audio, sound is hooked up to generic sound inputs connected to motherboard. I do not have a separate sound card. How can I enable capturing audio using these sources. I have been recommended to use coaxial, but shouldn't I be able to use other (better, reduce loss of quality) resources. Does it have something to do with software, MediaCenter, sound properties, device manager? Help 4 newbie?
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