help with backing up and installing on a different computer

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Sep 30, 2007
  1. a bit of background: i'm currently using a laptop with 1.6GHz centrino duo and 1GB RAM running vista home premium. no problems, really, but i recently got myself a desktop with much better specs and no OS installed, so i'm thinking of just backing up my laptop (all files, programs, etc, including its vista OS) and dumping everything in the new desktop, and then just installing a fresh copy of windows XP on my laptop and starting it out again from scratch. question is, how do i go about doing that? can anybody help me step-by-step, including what programs i need, any hardware i need, etc etc? thanks a lot!
  2. Rik

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    I dont think you will find that doing that is legal, sorry.
  3. Spyder_1386

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    hey e_p_a_k . As for the files part of your story, secondary storage should do the trick (i.e. dvd's, an external hard disk etc.). As for the programs bit, backing them up and copying them over to another pc is illegal as Rik mentioned and therefore no help will be provided in that regard on this forum.

    Spyder_1386 :)
  4. e_p_a_k

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    ..? why is it illegal? i'll be uninstalling it on my laptop anyway, so i'll only still have one copy of vista (the one i purchased) running.
  5. e_p_a_k

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    bump please..:D
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