help with beep codes.. its not listed in the thread above please help.

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Dec 16, 2005
  1. Recently bought a gigabyte motherboard about 2 months ago.. ran FLAWLESS untill two days ago. I was adding more ram to it, next thing you know i power up the system and get a "ringing sound of very fast beeps" that will not STOP they are not in any type of order so i coulden't troubleshoot. Anyway i tried removing the ram that i installed.. that didnt work still got the forever beeps it has power but doesnt even make it to the post/bios screen. PLEASE somone help me... im thinking i either fried my motherboard or the F"N powersupply **** the bed.
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    first thing I would try would be to reset the cmos. since you cant get into the bios try unplugging the computer then hold down the power button for several secodns to drain any residual energy. then remove the cmos battery from the system and let it set for about 15 min. reinstall the cmos battery and see if it boots up.
  3. cooling4life

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    tried it reset the cmos jumpers and removed the battery... didnt make a diffrence :( im thinking the motherboard is dead or the psu is in the gutter. Its just odd because i've added/removed memory so much and this has never happend before.
  4. cooling4life

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    Anyone have any suggestions PLEASE help seriously I don't know what the hell the problem is.. my guess is the motherboard but it also could be the PSU ect I need a tech! please help :bounce:
  5. danimur

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    First put back the old memory card in the slot and lock it.
    Restart the computer and wait for the boot sequence.
    If the sound persists stop the computer and reset the Cmos by taking off the battery.

    Verify if another cable is not unplogged by mistake.

    Restart the computer then see what is happening.

    Good luck to you.
  6. cooling4life

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    I tried all of that already.. it still does the noise.. hell even when i have NO RAM in the slots it still makes that noise.. im starting to think the area of the problem is in the PSU... please help me. its continous very fast short beeps that will not stop...
  7. danimur

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    Reply For Beep Sounds

    I tkinck is not the PSU.
    Is this something wrong with that you will encounter the following type of problems:

    1. You will feel the smell.
    2. Then a continous sound it can be heard and the temperature of PSU will encrease.
    2. Then if the PSU is a branded one it will shut down all by itself.

    Try the old memory stick on another computer to see if the old memory is not burned.

    If is not check the battery of the Cmos if is well inserted in the slot.

    You said that you tried to reset the Cmos by jumpers check the jumpers configuration.

    Try to start the computer again and see what is happening.

  8. barney_3d

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    what combination of memory did you install?

    make, speed etc?

    Also how many ram slots are you using and is your motherboard dual-channel enabled?
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