Help with BTX motherboar

By azndude
Sep 17, 2006
  1. I currently bought a new case for my brother's computer. I tore the parts from the old case and stuck it in the new. Unfortuately it was a sony and had a BTX motherboard. I plugged everything up (i think) and when I power it up, it beeps (1 long followed by 2 short).

    Then, something shows up on the screen. Its that thing that thing that shows whats working when booting up the pc. And it stays at that. Everything seems to be working fine but it says the power and the chasis fan is "abnormal".

    I am given two options.
    - Press [F1] to continue
    *when I do that, a cursor comes on the screen and flashes for a few seconds, and then the message "Reboot and select proper boot device".

    - Press [F2] to enter Setup
    *when I do that, I get into the BIOS setup. I look at the fans and it shows how fast the cpu fan is spinning but it says "n/a" for the chasis and power fan. But those two fans ARE spinning.

    I also have an AMI BIOS.

    Also, I currently have the chasis fan connected to the psu using the molar connecters. Before I had the chasis fan connected to the motherboard with this. There was also something like this coming out of the old psu that I had in the case. The new PSU doesn't have this.
  2. Tedster

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    BIOS beeps are indicative of a hardware failure. Consult your motherboard manual or website.
  3. dmill89

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    BTX fan connectors have 4 pins instead of the usual 3. The extra pin is for fan control since your PSU does noot have a BTX fan connector connect the chassis fan to the motherboard. I believe your problem is that the motherboard doesn't detect a speed for the chassis fan and assumes it failed. If this doesn't help follow the hardware troblushoot process. strip your system to bare minimun (CPU,one stick of ram,PSU,motherboard,video) and add components untill it fails. Also as Tedster said lok up the beep code it may help.
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