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Help with computer setup

By brightond
Jan 10, 2005
  1. First off I apologize for not figuring out the solution to my setup problems already. I am trying to figure out the most economical and simplest way to utilize both of my hard drives (80GB and 160GB.) I have been posting about hyperos and have had some good suggestions but am not sure I want to shell out another $100 for something I may be able to do for much less. Here's the configuration I currently have.
    I am running an 80gb hard drive with no partitions using xp home. I have plenty of memory, a decent graphics card, a very nice audio interface card used for recording live audio (and for playback,) plus a cd-rw and dvd-rw drive. What I really want to do is partition my drives to act independent of one another. I don't care so much about physical space, rather what intersts me is separating one Drive for internet and one for home audio and photography. I have read posts about using partition magic, boot magic, raid, hyperos but none give me a solid understanding of what to do. Is there a program that will let me "copy" my xp home onto the second 160gb drive. Then I can set that up however I want and boot to it separately? Also, can this drive be unharmed by a virus or spyware picked up from the 80gb internet drive?
    Right now the 160gb drive needs to be reformatted anyways due to bad sectors and errors in os installations. I can start totally fresh with this drive. I would, however like to keep the 80gb drive I'm using right now the way it is. Any help will be greatly appreciated. James
  2. RealBlackStuff

    RealBlackStuff TS Rookie Posts: 6,503

    I have a similar setup on my PC. W2K on the first partition (C-drive), programs on second partition (D), odds and sodds on the third partition (E) and a second instance of W2K on the fourth partition (F), size-wise circa 10-27-27-10GB of a 80GB drive.
    My second HD (also 80GB) is partitioned similar, for image-backups, photos and music.

    As with W2K, you can install a second instance of XP on another partition or harddisk.
    They are physically separated but not completely immune from one another.
    Your safest bet would be to get a harddisk tray, and swap HDs as needed. You'd have to reboot anyway to switch from 1 system to the other.
    Both XPs would then be on the C-drive (one on each drive).
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