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By 1tradnwilli
Dec 14, 2007
  1. Working on a friends computer, new Compaq 520, it had Vista on it and I changed it to XP Pro. Had problems with Active X and DirectX but resolved that with 9.0. Now I have a problem, My friend is trying to run a 3D train Program and it will not play nor completely flashes that it does not have direct 3D...Where Do I get Direct 3D and how do I install it? Any Assistance would be appreciated. Thanks 1tradnwilli
  2. raybay

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    Check with Direct3D is a part of Windows XP. It is likely that you made some decision in installing Windows XP that fouled up the Direct 3D install or functions.
    Direct3D is part of Microsoft's DirectX API. Direct3D is only available for Microsoft's various Windows operating systems. It is used on the XBox machines, for instance.

    Direct3D is used to render three dimensional graphics in applications where performance is important, such as games. Direct3D uses hardware acceleration if it is available on the graphics board, allowing for hardware acceleration of the entire 3D rendering pipeline or even only partial acceleration. Microsoft continually updates this 3D API to support the latest technology available on 3D graphics cards, and other software systems.

    Direct3D's main competitor is OpenGL.
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