Help with DVD burning Please!

By CD9666
Feb 22, 2006
  1. I was referred to this site by NERO, to see if I can get some help with a technical issue I keep getting while trying to burn DVD's. I have a LG 2216 external burner, connected with a 2.0 USB cable (checkd three different cables also) and am using Nero7 burning software. I have attempted numerous times to burn videos onto DVD, and keep getting dropped out. It has gotten to the point I am using DVD-RW's trying to determine what is causing the drop in communication.

    It will get about 5 minutes into the burn, writes primary lead in files, then freezes. I have tried burning at all speed ranges from 1X all the way to 16X and it makes no difference, it hits the same spot, and drops communication.

    A check of device driver was done, and it shows ok. A check of of speed was done, and I am sitting just around 33-35mb when it is communicating with the burner. The disc are coming back as being good, and quality is good. Nero tech has reached the end of their options, and without saying it point blank, has said that something in my XP program is terminating communication to the burner, possibly a conflict of a built-in copywrite protection :confused:

    I currently have the service paks loaded in, and am running media 9, which I use frequently for webcast' of the supercross races. I am hoping to find out how to deactivate any Microsoft protection devices that may be causing interruption of the burns. I am not trying to profit from what i am doing, just trying to get family videos of my kids riding, and some back-ups for a few movies.

    Sorry for the ramble, I tried including as much info as possible, and any tips to eliminate, or track this problem will be greatly appreciated.


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