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Jan 24, 2006
  1. I am having trouble playing DVD's on my computer, they have worked before great, but all of a sudden they dont work. The audio plays fine but no video!!! I dont know why this is happening now, all of sudden it started doing this. I am pretty good with computers and I tried everything, so I was wondering if anybody could help me, PLEASE, thanks.
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    anybody knows what to do?

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    You have tried re-installing different and newer codecs I presume. And Also uninstalling and re-installing your dvd drive and it's drivers. Or using a different dvd playing software.

    In case you have not try those first.
    In case you are looking for a good codec pack then get Klite Mega Codec pack.

    O yeah and for a player I recommend DivX Player in case you don't already have it.
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    If you have, in fact, "tried everything," then the drive may be bad and needs to be replaced. But on the chance that you may have overlooked something, could you give a brief rundown on what you have tried? That way effort isn't wasted with suggestions you've already tried.

    Also, it might be helpful to post your PC specifications and the DVD player software you are using.
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    I have power DVD deluxe version 6, and windows media player, i never had a problem with this before. when i was having problems with it, it did work once, the video did come up and exited out of the program and try to go back and see if it worked and it didn't work. I didnt download any new codecs or anything i dont understand why this is happening. it also doesnt work in windows media player ( it did ). the audio works great and no problem but no video which is weird, no message comes up at all for an error. i made sure everythign was up to date and that the driver was working correctly , the video settings have been the same and work fine, when I play videos that I downloaded they work but not the DVD's. any help please???
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    i'm trying everything
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