Help with Flash Drive. Pleaaaseeee!!

By danielvillatoro
Mar 1, 2007
  1. I have a very weird problem with my usb ports. A few days ago, I had to reinstall Windows XP (I install it as a repair not a fresh installation). Ever since, my when I plug in a flash drive or my ipod, I can't see the drive in my computer. I have been mostly trying to fix the problem with a flash drive as I don't want to ruin the Ipod. When I plug the flash, I see the message at the bottom of the screen "new hardware installed and ready to use. However, the driver is not listed. I tried going into the administrative tools, computer management, disk management and I can see the drive. I even assigned it a new drive letter. Once I do that, I open the drive and can see the files. But, when I click the icon "folders", to see a list of my drives, the flash drive is gone!!!!

    Once I assign a letter to the drive and open it, I have even opened word documents and the files are fine. However, once I unplugged the flash, I have to go back to the same routine (open administrative tools, etc, etc, etc.) If someone can help me I will really appreciate it as I have tried to fix this for about a week and I am very close to go crazy.

  2. JRaml

    JRaml TS Rookie

    Driver issue?

    Although I've never had this problem personally, I'd suggest either updating for reinstalling your USB driver. Go to Control Panel>System, click the "Hardware" tab, and click "Device Manager". From there you'll get a list of hardware installed on your computer.

    Find the Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller, expand it and try to update/reinstall the driver(s). I'm assuming you have several of them, so you may have to do this to all of them, unless you can find the right one you're using.

    Hope that helps!
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