help with game crashing

By 4hell
Jun 26, 2005
  1. im not very good in english
    heres my problem
    i have video card NVIDIA GEFORCE4 mx with AGP8X
    my proccesor is AMD DURON MMX 900mhz (omg really slow)
    and heres what i got than i play games i have black flash in my monitor and than game crashes for about 1min and after some time all is ok again and after some time flash again and again crash and than game is crashed i cant do anything its like PC FREEZE
    i tryed much of things reinstaled windows formating my drives updating video driver i tryed instaling new chipset drivers but nothing helps to me btw i updated
    IDE chipset drivers but it wont help i dont know what to do plzz ppl help me :confused: :confused:
    maybe i have instaled wrong dirvers or something
    and 1 more thing than im updating my nvidia drivers to newer one than i have in cd games wont work at all i have black screen ... help help helppppppppppp :hotouch:
    EDIT i saw here post like this but info there wont help me
    and 1 more time sorry for my english
  2. 4hell

    4hell TS Rookie Topic Starter

    any help ??? this problem really sucks and i need help :(((
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