Help with Hitachi CML174SXW

By johnbzz
Dec 9, 2003
  1. Help with Hitachi CML174SXW LCD

    I have a three month old Hitachi CML174SXW display monitor. I cannot seem to access the "auto and input select" function, all the remaining functions appear to work properly.

    When I attempt to select either auto or digital the screen blanks out for about 5 sec (normal) but then returns to a normal non menu windows screen. If I go back into the menu it remains set on analog no matter how I try to set it.

    It is connected through a high end DVI cable to the DVI out on a Nvida GeForce 5900.

    How can I get this monitor to accept a DVI input, or could it be malfunctioning?

    Thanks in advance
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