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May 30, 2003
  1. My friend got this e-mail yesterday:

    You have recieved this message because someone with the IP used the lost password form on our site. If this was not you, please disregard this message - your password is only ever sent to you.

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    She thinks someone is trying t hack into her account. She & I both have done ISP lookups on it & it always says it is AOL out of Virginia.

    My question is, is there a way to pinpoint who did this? If so, how do we get it?

  2. poertner_1274

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    Well for one thing, if someone is trying to hack into her account, I don't think that the website would give you the IP of the person trying to get in. They might say something about someone trying to get in and you could possibly get more information by replying to the message. This is my opinion however.
  3. acidosmosis

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    I think that email is probably not legit and I would just disregard it. If you want to be safe, just change your password.
  4. DigitAlex

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    same advise : change the password and the lost password hint and question and answer if there are any (just to be sure) and ignore the message
  5. DeVonnall

    DeVonnall TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, ty for the advice:)
  6. JSR

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    file/ properties/details.............
  7. MrGaribaldi

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    I think the email might be legit, but I'd follow the advice of the others who has posted (anything relevant) in this thread...

    Why do I think it's legit?
    Because I've gotten a few of them when I tried to log into old accounts...

    When you make a post on this board, it logs your ip and time/date.
    This makes it possible to find out who has posted what if an investigation of the person should ever take place...
    (Ie. someone posting kiddiepr0n, Julio'd be able to help the police tracking the b*st*rd down)

    It is the same with some boards when you ask for your password... To make sure it's you who is requesting it, and not someone else...

    If it is someone else, you can go to the cops and tell them what is happening, and along with the ip, time and date, they can go to the ISP to get the name of the person who had that IP at that time... (But it takes quite a lot before the ISP will release the identity... (And getting the cops to take action over a lost account is more or less hopeless....))
  8. Goalie

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    DeVo- Does your friend have kids? Something I've seen happen in the past is that kids will know their parents surf a site, or have been on the site courtesy of cached passwords. When they try to access it from somewhere without the PW cached, they don't know the PW, and try to figure it out.

    Also, does your friend even frequent this site? If not, it could be simply a case of mistyped email at registration time. if so, it could be a mistyped username (for example, I use daGoalie and Goalie as screen names, sometimes I forget which I'm using on that site...) or mistyped email addy.

    There are many potential causes of getting this email, many innocent, some malicious. Not to sound like a broken record, but Change any passwords that seem relevant (it never hurts to change them all, so long as you remember what you change them to), and keep an eye on account activity for a while (a week should be enough). You should be able to determine if you're under threat or compromised by then, and act accordingly.

    Hope this helps!
  9. coredump

    coredump TS Rookie

    u have seen those messages before havent you? you know... when you forget your yahoo, hotmail, aol pw... you click "forgot password?" and they have a button that says to click to have your password emailed to you... you get an email stating that someone clicked the button and here is your pw. if you didnt click it then disregard this message. youre safe because someone stupidly thought it would email your password to them. ***** hacking. lower than script kiddies :)
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