Help with joining win2k to linux home network

By knoba
Jan 4, 2006
  1. Hi~

    I've set up a linux home network and had it for about a year without any problems and I'm trying to add a Win2k box to the network for legacy apps. I have done it before but it took me weeks to "discover". I didnt feel like playing with windows network settings after that, but a recent spate of BSOD meant I had to fresh install Win2k. The thing is, even though I managed to setup DNAT, rules, routing tables, samba and ICS etc. on Linux, I cant seem to get Windows to join the network for love nor money. The wizards really confuse the hell out of me and im not sure if after a reboot its on the network or not.

    OK, the linux network is all still in place, ive done a win2k fresh install + sp4, now what?

    I have;
    > ADSL modem.
    > a Linux Mandrake 10.1 server setup as a router and firewall.
    > Cisco 5 way switch.
    > Linux Mandrake 10.1 client + Win2k network client.

    I have tried to find help and examples through google and numerous forums of how i might achieve this, but most explain how to join a linux box to a windows network. Does anybody know where there is an illustated howto for joining a windows box to a linux network. That would be absolutely great!
  2. Nodsu

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    Forget wizards, espacially if you have Linux background.

    There is nothing to join unless you set up Samba a a domain controller.

    First, set up Windows TCP/IP. In the properties of Local Area Connection, set IP, mask and gateway as automatic or manually as needed. Same for DNS. Make sure you have installed the client for microsoft networks and the file and prointer sharing feature. Ping your router, try to access internet.

    Once you got TCP/IP working, try accessing Samba. In a Windows Explorer window, put \\samba.server.ip.address\ in the addres bar. You are asked a username and a pasword - enter the Samba user and pass as configured in Linux. You should see the shares on the Samba server. And that's it really..

    If you want to browse Network Neighbourhoot, then make sure you have nmbd running in Linux and NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled in the Windows network settings.
  3. jobeard

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    the Linux system will be ipsec/iptables rules to allow ports 139,445 from the lan address.
    Windows/XP will also need to enable File/Print Sharing.

    the attachment has a samba.conf that sets the WORKGROUP
  4. knoba

    knoba TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Got it

    You guys are stars! Do you know that?

    Thanks ever so much for clearing those points up. Easy when you know how eh...

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