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By soulkolektor
May 24, 2007
  1. Im pretty good with computers, but when it comes down to mobos i am a complete "ID10T". i am getting ready to build a gaming rig for me and another one for a friend of mine. I need a motherboard that can handle some extreme CPU speeds and the SLI ready for GPU is optional, but definitely a plus.
    thank you for the help

    P.S. Also what would be the average operating PC temperature?
  2. Tedster

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    no need to worry about temps - that can vary considerably. What you DO need to worry about it what you will use for a mobo and CPU.
    If cost is no object, then a high end intel mobo from MSI is very good. Although many like ASUS, I do not. They are very picky on RAM. I have heard good things about gigabyte but I have never used one.

    For gaming you do not need THE top of the line CPU - but a strong one nevertheless. The most important factor is strong graphics card(s) and plenty of RAM.
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