help with my wd harddrive

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Aug 5, 2006
  1. help i reformated and my western digital hd is readin as a 31.4 when it should be a 200 g .. any suggestions?
  2. iss

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    is this a new drive you just installed or was it allready installed and now shows incorrect size after a reformat?
  3. System_Fx

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    i had this drive and reformated but i didnt do teh instalation last time . and i'm not sure if the guy that did it encountered this problem or not.. i googled it and seems theres alot of people with this problem but i have no idea how to fix it
  4. iss

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    What are the hardware spec's of your system. ie; motherboard, cpu, etc.
  5. System_Fx

    System_Fx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    intel p4 2.4, microstar ms6577 , 40 gig runnin the op suppose to be a 200 on slave .. 768 ram
    all ran ok did nothing to change anythign but reformated
  6. Tedster

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  7. System_Fx

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  8. System_Fx

    System_Fx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hang on theres more then one page that directly linked me to the second ill try this . i do have the latest bios updates and i'm runnin xp sp2 ill try that chip set thing
  9. Tedster

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    read the first page of the link. And don't click on word-ads

    Here is a copy in case you can't get to it:

    Accessing More Than 137gb On Large Hard Disks (read)
    Noobs -

    When installing an ultra large hard disk (bigger than 137gb), you must ensure your BIOS and service packs are up to date.

    Operating systems and system BIOS have separate limitations that are related to specific hard drive capacities that affect how your hard drive will be supported.

    137GB barrier:

    The previous standard for IDE/ATA interface uses 28-bit addressing which cannot recognize more than 137.4 GB of storage. To overcome this capacity barrier, larger hard drives have adopted a 48-bit addressing system which must be used in newer computer systems with updated controller chips/cards, BIOS codes, and operating system service packs.

    W2K and XP users must have the latest service packs installed to access more than 137GB.

    Certain operating system utilities such as scandisk and defrag do not work properly with hard disks more than 137gb.

    To avoid problems, partition your hard disks with 137gb or less.
    If you still desire more than 137gb in a partition your hard disk must have the latest service packs and BIOS updates along with a 48bit controller card (if it isn't built into your motherboard. Newer motherboards needn't worry.)

    32GB barrier:

    If your BIOS was released before June 1999 your system may stall with drives larger than 32GB. The only solution is to update your BIOS.

    Most hard disk manufactuers provide a partition CD which allows users to low-level format hard disks and create paritions if desired. This may be a work-around to those who do not have or do not want the latest service packs.

    SATA drives:

    If running SATA with XP, it is NOT recommended to run SATA along with IDE/ATA. (Use one or the other.) XP sometimes gets confused where to look for the OS and normally defaults to IDE/ATA. You must have the appropriate SATA drivers when installing a SATA drive(s) on your system. XP does not default to SATA formatting otherwise.
  10. System_Fx

    System_Fx TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ive looked the bois reads 200 with latest updates ., also i downloaded the maxor patch got my system readin at 48 bit but . still the hd is readin 31.4 . i have no clue all i did was reformat .
  11. iss

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    Since you didnt do the install yourself you might want to check and make sure you have only one partition. the guy who did the install may have simply installed windows on available free space. how much space was taken up with the previous install before you had it reformatted?

    And since you yourself didnt do the install you might better check and make sure that that is your 200Gb hard drive in their. and the guy who did the work didnt switch hard drives on you.
  12. Samstoned

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    is this your active boot drive if so
    go back reformat to 10 to 15 gb make sure the format is ntfs
    if you did it in fat32 30gb or so is all you will see
    put the os on it then fix the xp reg and reformat the rest for data
    under my computer,disk management
    when your done it will be about 179 or so
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