Help with my wireless?

By Baywatchv8
Nov 8, 2004
  1. I purchased a Linksys WMP54G over a year ago. I had problems getting the drivers to load from the original disk. I was able to load the drivers from another source and it worked, for a little while that is. I now have the complete Linksys Cable modem, wireless router, and the WMP54G. I am trying to get the PCI card to work on my wife’s Computer. I'm running into the same problem I had with my old computer (A7N8X-E Deluxe modo AMD +2500 processor) with my wife's computer (P4S533 mobo Celeron 2.4 processor) trying to install the WMP54G wireless card. I have noticed that Linksys has what appears to be a new WMP54G out now, the new card looks smaller then the first. One of my questions is has there been a new release of the WMP54G card from the first? Second if note how do I get the old one to work? I hear that Linksys first PCI card had allot of problems with different motherboards.
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    Have a look at the next thread, it may have your answer.

    Otherwise, the obvious answer is to get the latest incarnation of that card. (or one of a different brand).
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    There is a "known" though not very documented issue with the driver for that card. Get a newer driver and it should work fine. We've run into that at work a lot of times with customers and Linksys always blames the computer, we simply do Linksys' job for them and take the customer to get the driver from the linksys site and it works fine.

    PS: I'd not recommend using a PCI wireless card at all, they have lots more problem with interference than other wireless adapters such as bridges(plugs into a NIC) or USB adapters.
    Personally, I'd go wired for any system that is not a portable, unless it is impossible to run cables to the location.
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