Help with NAT on a small Network

By hotdogwilson
Jan 21, 2006
  1. I'm setting up a small network for a small non profit group and I needed some help. They have a DSL connection and two routers. They want to seperate the connection on to two seperate networks. These networks do not need to share any data, they just both need access to the Internet.

    Assuming I have the first Linksys router setup directly from the DSL modem, I would setup a NAT DCHP on that. It's the second network where I'm not so certain. Would setting up the second router be as easy connecting the "wan" jack to one of the first router's LAN ports and then resetting up a new NAT connection for the second network?

    I'm a little lost here. Thx.
  2. Nodsu

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    Why are the separate networks needed? Security? Politics?

    If you do it your way, then the people behind the second router will be able to access the first network unless you explicitly block this kind of traffic (firewall rules on the second router).

    Perhaps you can just get another DSL account or an IP address from your ISP? This way the networks would be completely separate.
  3. hotdogwilson

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    Yes, the reason for a second network is basically security. One is an administrator network for teachers and adults, and the other is a "training" network, which would be used by students who they do not want accessing the first portion of the network.

    This company has essentially no budget, so getting a second DSL line is probably not an option. Is it possible to just allow Internet traffic to get to the second network?
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