Help with Partition Commander

By Mekanic
May 21, 2006
  1. I installed Partition Commander 9 on my main system (I'm posting this using my backup system). When it was done installing it automatically rebooted the system.

    The problem is after the POST screen it goes to the "Verifying DMI Pool Data" and below that is a small blue box that says "System Commander" and "Selection: WindowsXP (Microsoft)". Below the blue box it shows "NTLDR is compressede'_$" with a flashing cursor.

    Thats it, it won't go any further. Doesn't respond to any keys. I just want to get back to my desktop so I can uninstall the darn thing.

    I would really appreciate any help/suggestions, Thank you

    *I'm running WinXP w/SP2
  2. Mekanic

    Mekanic TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I hooked my drive up in my wifes system as slave. I deleted the Partition Commander file. I can now boot to my desktop however after the POST screen it still looks for the "SYSCMNDER.SYS" file.

    Is there a way I can edit a boot file so it doesn't look for that file any more?
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