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By fizzle fro
Nov 2, 2006
  1. Well this happened awhile ago that i downloaded the wrong driver for my geforce 6600gt. Long story short... my computer will not boot up with the video card so im just using an old one that i have laying around the house. So i reinstalled Xp and everything seemed ok except the boot up takes forever, it stays on the welcome screen for like 30 seconds when before it was like for 1 or 2 seconds... once it boots up everything seems to run fine, except in certain times it runs really slow when i do not have many applications running and it shouldnt be this slow.... another problem is that it randomly shuts down every once in awhile, especially when i run programs over night to encode a movie, in the morning i will find that it crashed during the middle of the night... So i do not know what is going on but if you could help, it would really be appreciated. Thanks
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