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help with problem :)

By nightmarefalls
Mar 23, 2007
  1. Problem with either HDD or PSU dont know :O

    yesterday when i turned on my computer, it started for few secs, then it turned off. After that the computer wont turn on anymore unless i switch the psu off then on again, but still got the problem on the computer turning off a few secs after boot. The only solution that works now is that i have to disconnect one of my 2 hdd's to get it working normally. Seeing everything worked for for so long untill now im going to try to get a different psu to see if its the psu problem or the hdd problem.

    My psu is Orion xp480 400watts
    P4 2.533ghz
    Motherboard is a Asus p4b533
    1-512mb 1-256mb ran both pc2100
    1 cdr/rw and 1 dvdr/rw drives
    1 80gb Seagate hdd
    1 200gb Maxtor hdd (the problem hdd)
    I am using windows xp home edition.

    I have noticed that one of my psu fans are not running, the inner one to be exact but the one thats blowing air out of the case if running as normal.
    I'm just wondering if you fine people have any input with this problem.
    Thanks in advance!!
    P.S i realized i made a weak thread name, wondering if i could change it :O?
  2. LyricallyIsane1

    LyricallyIsane1 TS Rookie Posts: 28

    Its possible that your PSU is weaker than what your motherboard can take.
    Make sure your PSU compatible with your motherboard.
    Thats your motherboard's specs.

    I tried gettin specs for your PSU. So I guess you do the rest of the research.
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