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By mfaizan91
May 8, 2007
  1. when i right clcik on a file such aas a picture one, it takes alot of time to load up the options this is because i have lots of programs that are incorporated into the shell for eg. right cliking pic file gives winrar...and abt 5 scansoft pdf creates. hw can i remove da scansoft pd creates cos i dnt even use them and they slow me down. (i dnt wna remove the program)
  2. Tedster

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    Plus use english when posting instead of ghettoness. You make yourself look uneducated and you insult others.

    To answer your question, download Mike Lin's startup editor and remove unnecessary aps from launching. This can help speed up your system.

    Crap cleaner is also a good tool.
  3. mfaizan91

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    hmm english ill think abt it dnt blame me u cnt understand. and no that isn't working its not a startup program its embedded into the shell of windows
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