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Apr 12, 2006
  1. I have a dell E310 and recently got a new motherboard so that i could get a pci-e goin wit the evga 7600GT..however my current psu is only 230W...i need a psu that will fit my computer and run my graphics card plz make them under 50$ plz

  2. Jimbo420

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    A lot of the time for dell machines they are power supplies but specifically for those achines. So your only choice to to get the power supply from Dell which may mean you are goin got pay more then $50.
  3. Vigilante

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    Well if you bought a new motherboard, it won't be proprietary unless you got another Dell?

    Check and for power supplies. $50 will get you one, but it won't be considered upper class or anything. Still, a 450w is doable. Go for maybe antec or thermaltake. I got an Aspire and it does great.

    Just make sure all this fits in the Dell case.

    Good luck
  4. xenocidE23

    xenocidE23 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yea the new motherboard is from dell because they mesesd up on my order so i got it as componsation..

    how would i kno if it fit my case??

    should i take down the dimesnions of the psu??

    ^^is that a good one^^??

    and is there a such thing as damaging ur mobo from havin too much power?? :hotbounce
  5. I heard dells used a special type of power supplies rather than the standard ATX, and that if you get a new motherboard or power supply, they wont work properly together. The only choice to upgrade your motherboard and power supply at the same time.

    I'm using a dell right now and i'm having to buy a new computer (dell sucks anyways :knock: ) because i'd have to buy a new power supply and motherboard to pretty much upgrade anything, but maybe dell changed this with newer models. Anyone know???
  6. RealBlackStuff

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    xenocidE23, that's an excellent choice of PSU.
    Most PSUs are identical in size, so you should not have any problems. But measure yours before you buy the new one! Borrow any old standard PSU from a friend and try if it fits.
    You most likely need a 24-pin connector for the motherboard. Have a look here, just in case:
    That Fortron PSU has both 20/24 pin so if the size is OK, you're set.

    Dell stopped using off-the-wall PSU after their Model Dimension 8100 came out.
  7. Yeah, thanks RBS. I have a 4500, so sucks to be me i guess :haha:
  8. xenocidE23

    xenocidE23 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    kk thanks alot so it will def work and not harm my said that it may damage my other parts and that they do not reccomend upgrading the psu
  9. Vigilante

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    One quick way is the compare the wires of a standard off-the-shelf ATX power supply with the dell PS. If the color scheme is different, there you go.

    Another thing Dell does is sometimes the motherboard and power supply don't use the -5v, which is the white wire on the connector. If all other colors are the same, you can use a generic PS if you remove the white wire since the motherboard doesn't use it and could damage something if plugged in. It's not to hard to notice on these power supplies the single missing wire.
  10. RealBlackStuff

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    A word of caution here: There is only a RECOMMENDATION out for the colouring scheme of PSU wires, and most manufacturers abide by it, but it is NOT a BINDING LAW!
    But that E310 is too new to having to worry about it (I think).
    But yes, compare the wires between old Dell PSU and new Fortron PSU, to be sure to be sure.
  11. Vigilante

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    So far I've not come across a wire color difference except in oem PS's and proprietary crap.

    Don't see why any retail generic PS would have a different color scheme. Anyway, it's easier then testing every wire with a VOM :)
  12. emb

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  13. Tedster

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    DELL tends to use proprietary hardware. So to be on the safe side, use DELL only parts. For this reason, I don't recommend DELL.
  14. Slyred

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    Ok. I also have the Dell E310. I bought it before I started really knowing anything about comps. I also bought a GeForce 7600gs 512mb PCIe card fpr it , only to find that it doesnt have a PCIe 16x slot. My question is, is buying a new mobo, case and power supply the easiest route to avoid dell proprietary junk? I have to have a bigger power supply and mobo to run the card anyway and I found all 3 for under 200 bucks inc shipping. Im thinking that this is the easiest route for me atm. Any help or suggestions welcomed. =) Thnx in advance.
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