Help! With Santa Cruz and Digital Out Woes

By bayporter
Aug 18, 2003
  1. Newb to this board, but not to pc sound. Like the subject header suggests, I'm having troubles with my new Santa Cruz card and it's "versalink" output jack.

    I'm getting PCM audio fine, but no AC-3/DTS output. This is with both DVDs and AC-3 encoded files (cough, divx). This is via an rca y-cable and said digital out jack. If it makes a difference, I've used Power DVD, Nvidia's DVD software and BS player (for the divx file).Is there something special I'm supposed to be doing to make AC-3 pass through to the receiver?

    My receiver is quite capable of AC-3/DTS (NAD T762), so that isn't the problem. Strangley enough, I was able to make my M-Audio Revolution output AC-3 without any effort. Thanks for any help.
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