Help with SATA problems please

By pks1414
Mar 11, 2005
  1. Hello folks, just added another SATA HD to machine (Maxtor 220g). Already had a Seagate SATA drive and I now want to make this new drive the primary one with XP on and have the seagate as the backup etc. Well I have got it formatted and it recognises it as the 'F' drive. So to make this work I went into the BIOS and changed the boot order so that the Maxtor gets recognised first. Put my XP CD in and I get nowhere, it asks if I need to press F6 (I thought I wouldn't as all I did was swap the cables around (Seagate to Sat1, Maxtor to Sat0). Anyway Ithen get to the point where the installation says something about not recognising a drive then I get a total crap out with a @page file not found etc etc.

    What am I doing wrong here, any help would be really appreciated. Motherboard is an Intel d875PBZ if that helps as well
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