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help with video card and drivers

By shaner06
Jul 29, 2007
  1. hey there,

    Im new to these forums, but im having some trouble installing a video card and the drivers. So i thought id ask you guys because you guys seem to know alot.
    Recently i bought a new computer. (compaq sr5050nx) pentium d 3.00ghz 2gb of ram.

    it came with the intel 950 integrated chipset.

    My buddy had an older video card he no longer used and i wanted to put it in my computer. Its an ati radeon x600. i downloaded the drivers and the ati catalyst software.

    So i first put the pci-e card in to my computer. then i turn it on and log in and run the ati software to install the drivers and so on. it finds the card and all the first time and installs everything correctly. then it tells me to reeboot. so i reboot and it installed fine and the vista driver installer is telling me it will automatically install the drivers for the new hardware. i didnt think i needed it to do that because it all installed correctly and i went to the display settings and it showed that it was running the radeon x600. so i told the vista driver installer not to ask me again and cancel installing it . thats when i reboot and when i log back in it all got changed back around and in the display settings it showed default as the current adapter it was runnign through and it only went up to 1200x768 or something and my monitor can do 1400x900. i am still hooked up with my monitor through th g-card and something obviously happend when i cancelled out of the vista driver installer.

    so i try to take the card out and hook it up the original way and it goes back to the way i had it witch was through the chipset adapter perfectly as if i never tried installing the g-card.(wich was a very good thing:D ).

    so i try to uninstall the ati catalyst then power off and put the card back in and then run the ati software to reinstall it and it says it cant find any hardware to install the drivers on. also the vista driver software didnt come up saying it will try to locate it. so i do it again uninstall the ati software and put the card back in and it still wont work. after the third attempt when i start windows through the card it wont even show anything on the monitor.

    all in all i would just like to get this card working. i mean theres gotta be a way to start everything over again.

    luckly my computer still boots up fine through the chipset but that card i cant figure out.

    if anyone could please help me out i would greatly appreciate it.
    thank you
  2. shaner06

    shaner06 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    plz guys i really could use the help
  3. shaner06

    shaner06 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok so i figured out how to reinstall the drivers and the card is working now.

    but the vista automatic thing still pops up saying that it needs to locate the drivers.

    there anyway i can get rid of that because clicking dont ask me again just ****s it up
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