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Sep 7, 2004
  1. Ok here is the problem.. error 000021a.

    So i restarted my computer and the this error came up. So I put in my Window xp install disk and try to repair my OS. But the proble is that when i started it again the BIOS would not should up. Only this page showed up and it started testing my memroy and then I tried to boot from my d drive and the save 000021a error happens again.. Any clue what i should do ?
  2. Terranova

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    have you tried doing a Full format and reinstall instead of a repair, if you cant get into your bios from restart then there is somthing wrong, and a new motherboard may be needed, but the format and reinstall first see what that does.
  3. StormBringer

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    if you can't get to the BIOS, you can format, debug, and do a jig while you're at it, it isn't going to help. BIOS has nothing to do with the OS. If you can't get to the BIOS, you probably have a hardware problem, likely the motherboard, but I'd try a barebones boot and go from there, adding one device till it fails.
  4. rudi23

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    ok here are what i did:
    Spmetimes.. like 1 out of many times i tried booting from my d drive it will work. And I tried formating with the reinstall disk that i was given when i brought the computer. But it had file missing, when I was tring to reinstall my OS
  5. Terranova

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    If it was the disc you got with the Pc then there wouldn't be a file missing it's more likly that the disc is damaged and the required file cant be installed, try cleaning the disc if this doesn't help then get it repaired, but what you have said about the bios is a more serious problem and i would do what Stormbringer has said first to make sure it's not a problem with the motherboard and go from there.
  6. sachin_verma

    sachin_verma TS Rookie

    error 000021a

    Boot to safe mode then delete the folder Mini Dump then restart the computer
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