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Jan 30, 2008
  1. Help . I am trying a new clean xp install everything is fine until the point it asks for custom or typical configuration after loading a few files it either locks up or reboots entire computer. will work with win 98. tryed other Xp versions no luck. Also tryed 5 times with differnet drives, no luck . Any ideas, what else can I try. its a pent 4 2.4 Giz 1Gig ram 250 gig Hd 450 watt power. Never seen nothing like this before.

  2. raybay

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    Usually caused by dirty cpu or cpu fan, defective hard drive, defective install on hard drive, bad memory module, bad video graphics card, or other bad PCI device... ore even power supply... so it takes some methodical trouble shooting...
    Since you have tried it five times with different drives, you likely have a failed video card or memory module.
    Can you cold boot to SAFE MODE? If so, you might have a defective video graphics card that fails in regular mode.
    Download and run the free MemTest86 four four hours or 7 passes if it will run that long. Download and run the drive fitness test of the hard drive manufacturer to assure the hard drive is ok.
    Remove all extra devices, and run a limited install to narrow down your scope of problems.
    We don't understand what you mean by "...will work with win 98..."
    Do you have a floppy drive? Can you run a boot install to the Windows 98 floppy disk with hard drive disconnected.
    Has it always asked for "...custom or typical configuration..."?
    The normal procedure is to unplug and reconnect all cables, memory, and other devices. Then try the most basic setup. Floppy drive or optical drive, single memory module, with no hard drive. Then add or change a component. Tedious, but helpful.
  3. Marcflyer

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    thanks for the help . I thought it would probably be a harware problem. I can not get to safe mode as I can not even get Xp installed. i tried a differnt HD drive it finally worked (installed xp), but the first 2 times it just rebooted maybe it is luck. i have no floppy on it. i will try the other things you said and let you know

  4. luvhuffer

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    Sometimes it's a scratched or dirty CD that can cause that as well. They can be washed very very gently in some luke warm water with a little dish soap. Then pat dried with a softlintless paper towel. Scotts toilet tissue works good for that. lol The best way to care for the CD of course is to burn a new one with the latest service pack slipped streamed so you never have to use the original CD at all. At least thats how to for XP. I haven't moved to Vista so I don't know how that would work out with the DVD.

    The other option of course is to download the installation files from MS (There are 6 different sets so you need to make sure you download the correct one), and load them onto the hard drive with the 6 floppies, then use the CD to do the actual install. But you say you don't have a floppy so that isn't applicable in this case. I have also had this problem before and in my case it was a faulty CDROM.

    Glad you got it working (hopefully). I'm basically just posting this as an addendum to what raybay said in case someone else with this problem reads this thread. Good luck with that.
  5. Marcflyer

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    I finally did get it going with Xp but not for long. It still crashes when it gets to the desktop screen. I believe it may be a faulty board or chip. unless you can think of anything else to try


    I finally got it running with Xp but not for long it crashes at the desktop screen. I believe it is a faulty board or chip. Unless there is anything else I can try

  6. raybay

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    Not likely that it is a motherboard, or a chip. This is a hardware or infestation issue of some other type.
    CPU fan, power supply, video graphics card, heatsink thermal paste, cooling fan, or defective PCI card such as audio, modem, or NIC.
  7. Ckorban

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    My 2 cents is just go ahead and run memtest for 4 passes... I had random restarts/crashes when trying to install windows and it was because of a faulty DIMM that just died one day.. and if anything, you'll just make sure your ram is fine.
    After a week of doing everything, I ran memtest and it ended right there :)
  8. luvhuffer

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    Memtest should be run. I would also start thinking about flashing your BIOS. But not with any windows flash utility. You can't trust windows at this point. If it is corrupted it may corrupt the flash. But be careful. An improper flash will more or less leave you with a rectangular frisbee (mobo).
  9. Marcflyer

    Marcflyer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Raybay, you are good.

    You suggested Video card or Power supply sure enough it was the power supply. Even though it would boot up it would always crash, problem faulty power supply.

    Thanks again
  10. raybay

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    Thank you for taking the time to let us know. We are wrong way too often, and too often are not told. It is nice to learn that once in a while, we get lucky and pick one right...
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