hercules 4000xt driver problems

By sinistertech
Jul 20, 2005
  1. hercules graphics card problems

    hey guys,
    iv recently gained a second comp, someone was givin it away so i decided to put some parts in and see what i could do with it. the system installs fine, running xp on sp1 stable and fast, its only the graphics that give me grief. graphics card is hercules prophet 4000xt 32mb agp which iv run on other xp systems with same drivers and no problems. however with this comp the thing installs but as soon as the install is finishing the screen refreshes then blacks out and locks the system. :confused: no blue screen or auto restart, the monitor just goes to standby and the system stops. im experienced with computers and have troubleshooted alot but im just wondering if anyone has any ideas for a nice easy fix!

    btw bios shadowing and all that are disabled if relevant.

    system info: athlon 800mhz 128mb ram , graphics as stated above, mb is pcchips m810lr and hd is WD 20gb

    cheers in advance,

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