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Sorting through each and every Black Friday ad can feel overwhelming. That's why our friends at Dealnews have rounded up the best Black Friday offers so far, to help you put together your shopping list for the big day. Read on for the top TVs, laptops, smartphones, and more. We'll be updating this list often as more ads continue to roll in.

Best Black Friday Tablet Ads


  • iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi Tablet for $274.99 at Best Buy
    Best Buy unveiled this deal earlier this week, but it's set to return if you missed it. This iPad mini 4 is well-equipped with 128GB of storage, and it's the lowest price we've seen by $25. It also blows our prediction for this model out of the water.
  • Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB WiFi Tablet for $649.99 at BJ's Wholesale Club
    Looking to upgrade to a top-of-the-line iPad? We predicted that we'd see $150 price drops on Apple's iPad Pro line, and this high-capacity model comes in at $149 off list price. It may not be the first discount we've seen on this model, but it's still a good one.
  • iPad 9.7" 32GB WiFi Tablet for $249 at Walmart
    This is the lowest price we've seen for this model. We've only seen it drop this low once before, and that was a couple of weeks ago. However, that offer was at Micro Center and valid through in-store pickup only.

    Of note, Best Buy and Target will offer it at the close price of $249.99.



  • Amazon Fire HD 8 16GB 8" Tablet for $49.99 at Amazon
    Amazon added Alexa to its Fire tablets while keeping the prices low. This is the first deal we've seen on the new Fire HD 8, and it matches our predicted price. At only $50, it's a strong price for a tablet of this caliber.
  • Fire HD 10 16GB 10.1" Tablet at $99.99 at Amazon
    This tablet is at the best price we've ever seen. Previously, the lowest we've seen it drop is $150.

Best Black Friday Apple Ads

Apple Watch

  • Apple Watch Series 3 + $90 Kohl's Cash for $329 at Kohl's
    We expected this item to come with a larger credit, but this is still the best ad yet for a newly released Apple product. The Series 3 watch is being sold at full price, so the Kohl's Cash is what makes the deal.
  • Apple Watch Series 1 + $75 Kohl's Cash for $249 at Kohl's
    Even though it's an older version of Apple's smartwatch, this model received notable improvements over the first iteration. And when you factor in the Kohl's Cash, this deal even beats our predictions.

    While Kohl's has the best net price, Target will also offer this watch for $179.99 and Macy's will have it for $179 for non-Kohl's Cash shoppers.

MacBook and iMac

  • MacBook Air Core i5 13.3" Laptop for $799.99 at Best Buy
    We're including this deal in our list with some major caveats. Although we've seen this model at this price a few times, it isn't often discounted. So this will be a good opportunity to get $200 off list price for something that typically sees only sporadic discounts. However, Best Buy itself has offered this model for $50 less before, which is a little hard to swallow.
  • iMac Core i5 21.5" Desktop for $899.99 at Best Buy
    This is the first time we've seen this specific model on sale. Plus, we haven't seen this price for an iMac with these specs since last Black Friday. Finally, this deal slices $200 off the retail price.
  • MacBook Pro Core i5 13" Laptop with Retina for $1,149.99 at Best Buy
    Best Buy once again scores with a Mac deal, cutting $150 off the recently refreshed 13" MacBook Pro. That beats our price prediction by $50.

Best Black Friday Laptop Ads

  • HP Kaby Lake Core i3 15.6" Touch Laptop for $299 at Microsoft Store
    While this computer has a Core i3 processor instead of an i5 or i7, it's still a current-gen machine that comes with 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive. As such, it's right in line with our predictions for mainstream machine prices. At $299, it also $200 off list price, making it a great deal on a versatile laptop that's able to meet most people's needs.
  • HP Kaby Lake Core i7 17.3" 1080p Laptop from $849.99 at HP
    Looking to surprise a loved one with a new gaming rig (or upgrade your own)? HP will be dropping the price on its Omen laptop significantly for Black Friday. This deal is $250 less than the normal starting price for this machine. The standard configuration comes with a 17" 1080p display and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 graphics.
  • Dell Celeron N3060 14" Laptop for $129.99 at Dell Home
    Dell will be dropping the price on this bargain machine by $100 for Black Friday. For your $130, you'll get only 2GB of RAM and a 32GB SSD, so this is best suited to shoppers who primarily use their computers to read email, access social media, and other light tasks.
  • Dell Kaby Lake Core M3 11.6" 2-in-1 Laptop for $299.99 at Dell Home
    Another $100 Black Friday price drop, this is the best price we've seen for this 2-in-1. It comes with 4GB of RAM and a 1TB HDD, so it's slightly less powerful than what we expected for mainstream machines at this price. Because it's a 2-in-1, you also get the flexibility of using it as a tablet.
  • Dell Kaby Lake Core i5 15.6" 1080p Laptop for $529.99 at Dell Small Business
    And yet another $100 drop, this dual-drive machine comes with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB HDD with a 128GB SSD. It also comes with a high-def, infinity edge display, making it a good choice for light graphics applications.
  • Samsung Celeron N3060 11.6" Chromebook for $99 at Best Buy
    Best Buy nearly cuts the price in half on this Samsung Chromebook, which matches our prediction for Chromebooks with 2GB of RAM and a 16GB SSD.
  • Dell Pentium N3710 11.6" 2-in-1 Laptop for $249.99 at Office Depot and OfficeMax
    At only $250, this is the best price we've ever seen for this laptop. Though it only has 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive, it's still below what we expected to see for mainstream machines. Plus, you get the flexibility afforded by a 2-in-1.

Best Black Friday TV Ads

Small (40" and Under)

  • 32" 720p TV for $69.99 at Amazon
    This deal matches our predictions perfectly, and while it's a no-frills set, that price tag is undeniably great. Because it's so low though, odds are this is one of those deals that will be hard to actually score. If you're interested, be ready to jump on it as soon as these deals go live.

Midsize (42" to 50")

  • Avera 49" 4K LED LCD TV for $200 at Newegg
    While admittedly not as good a deal as the Sharp set below, this is a good backup if you're unable to score that one or can't get to a store to purchase one. At $200, this set is still $10 below our expected doorbuster price for 4K TVs of this size, and one of the lowest prices we've seen for a 49" UHD TV all year.
  • Sharp 50" 4K LED LCD Roku Smart TV for $179.99 at Best Buy
    We predicted that we'd see 50" 4K doorbusters for $210, so we certainly didn't expect to see TVs of this size to come in below $200 — and with Smart TV capabilities no less! We saw this 50" Sharp (model no. LC-50LBU591U) just last month for $350, so this is nearly half off. The only caveat to this deal is that it's only available in-store. Get to your local Best Buy early if you want it!
  • LG 49" 4K LED LCD Smart TV + $120 Kohl's Cash for $399.99 at Kohl's
    At a net price of only $280 when you factor in the Kohl's Cash, this is a doorbuster-caliber deal. This price is below what we expect to see for 1080p sets of the same size. It's also the best deal we've ever seen for this specific model (49UJ6300). And with HDR and IPS, you not only get a great price, but a great viewing experience.
  • 49" 4K LED TV for $159.99 at Amazon
    We predicted 4K sets of this size to have a doorbuster price of around $210, but this deal beats those expectations by a full $50. It's even cheaper than our prediction for 49" 1080p sets, which we expected to hit $179. However, this deal is so great that it's likely to go super fast.

Large (52" and Up)

  • Hitachi 60" 4K HDR LED LCD Roku Smart TV for $498 at Sam's Club
    Another solid offer for Sam's Club members, this Hitachi usually goes for about $100 more. What's more, $500 is a good price for any 60" 4K Smart TV.
  • Westinghouse 55" 4K LED LCD Smart TV for $249.99 at Target
    Sure, Westinghouse is as off-brand as they come and we don't have any specifics like the model number to give you. But at $250, this TV is almost at our predicted doorbuster price of $239. It has Smart TV capabilities, too, so if you're looking for a big cord-cutter, this option is a real bargain.
  • Samsung 55" 4K HDR LED LCD Smart TV + $150 Kohl's Cash for $499.99 at Kohl's
    At a net price of only $350 when you factor in the Kohl's Cash, this 55" Samsung set is well below our predicted price of $500 for name-brand 4K TVs. That's even more remarkable when you consider it's a set with HDR and Smart TV capabilities. Moreover, that net price is half of what most stores normally charge for this model (UN55MU6290). In short, if you know you'll spend the Kohl's Cash, this one is a must-have.
  • LG 65" 4K HDR LED LCD Smart TV with $200 Dell Gift Card for $799.99 at Dell Home
    Another Black Friday ad where the credit makes the deal, the $600 net price on this LG 65UJ6300 bests the deal we saw last month by $50 (and you also shell out less money upfront). It's also decidedly better than the $970 average price we're expecting to see for name-brand 65" 4K TVs, even without the gift card.
  • Haier 55" 4K LED LCD TV + $90 Kohl's Cash for $299.99 at Kohl's
    At first this deal might seem underwhelming; after all, we've frequently seen Haier 55" 4K TVs for $300. However, that's already a darn good price for a 55" 4K TV, and now this one comes with $90 Kohl's Cash! At a net price of $210, that's the best price we've ever seen for any 55" 4K TV. This should be a no-brainer if you're looking for an entry-level set.
  • Vizio 80" 4K HDR LED LCD Smart TV for $2,499.99 at Costco
    If you have a Costco membership, you can score big on a super-size TV this Black Friday. This is the lowest price we've seen for the Vizio E80-E3 by $100, and it's about $500 less than what most stores charge.
  • Vizio 65" 4K HDR LED LCD UHD Smart TV for $598 at Sam's Club
    Sam's Club members can score the Vizio E65-E for just under $600, which is a good price for this midrange brand — and right in line with our predictions. (We expected to see $470 for off-brand sets and $970 for higher tier TVs of this size.)

Best Black Friday Smartphone Ads

Apple iPhones

  • Apple iPhone Purchase + $300 Walmart Gift Card with select plans at Walmart
    Walmart has trumped every other store with this iPhone ad, which includes both the iPhone 8 and (surprisingly) the iPhone X. Shoppers who buy these phones with an installment plan (via AT&T Next, AT&T Next Every Year, or select Verizon plans) will walk away with a $300 gift card. Currently, Walmart is the only store to include the iPhone X in such a promotion.

    Alternatively, Target is offering a similar deal but with a lesser gift card. Shoppers who buy the iPhone 8 with a qualifying installment plan will receive a $250 gift card. That's obviously inferior in value, but some shoppers may strongly prefer a Target gift card over a Walmart card. Target's offer is more flexible as well, as it's valid for Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T.
  • Up to $200 off iPhone 8 or 8 Plus with select plans at Best Buy
    Sprint fans don't need to wait until Black Friday for an iPhone 8 deal, and they can choose to pay less overall instead of opting for a gift card. Get an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus at Best Buy with a Sprint installment plan, and you'll pay less per month, saving you $200 over the course of two years.
  • Up to $150 off iPhone 6s 32GB Phone with select plans at Best Buy
    Best Buy will bring back one of its early deals, knocking a cumulative $150 off the total price of the iPhone 6s when you buy it with an installment plan. This offer applies to Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint.
  • iPhone SE 32GB Prepaid Phone for Walmart Family Mobile for $99 at Walmart
    We predicted this deal to a T: If you commit to Walmart wireless service, you can snag the SE at the lowest price we've ever seen. Currently Walmart charges $30 more for this phone on its prepaid plans.
  • iPhone 6 32GB Prepaid Phone for Straight Talk for $129 at Walmart
    This is not only $70 less than what Walmart normally charges for this phone on Straight Talk, but it's also the best price we've ever seen for it on a prepaid plan.

Android Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, or Note 8 + $300 Target Gift Card with select plans at Target
    If you lean more towards the Android side of the aisle, this is a great way to snag the latest Samsung phones — as long as you don't mind heading into the store. You must buy and activate the device on a Verizon Device Payment, AT&T Next, or Sprint 24-month installment or lease plan.

    Walmart is also offering a free $300 Walmart Gift Card with Samsung device purchase and qualifying activation.

Best Black Friday Video Game Ads


  • Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality Headset Bundle for PC for $349 at Best Buy
    We nailed the predictions on this one, which means you'll save $250 by picking this system up during Black Friday.

    Of note, Newegg offers it for the same price.
  • PlayStation VR Headset for PS4 for $199.99 at Target
    This offer doesn't really match or beat our predictions because we focused on bundles. However, it's still the lowest price outright we've seen for the headset alone by about $25. Note: You'll still need the camera to use PS VR; this is merely an extra headset for your setup.


  • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Console for $349.99 at GameStop
    This deal beats our predictions, since we didn't expect the Pro to go on sale at all. It's very close to last Black Friday's price of $339.99, and it's currently the only Black Friday ad we've seen for the Pro this year.
  • Xbox 360 Pre-Owned Console for free after rebate at GameStop
    Sure, it's an older console, but we never expected it be free even with a rebate. GameStop's rebate last Black Friday dropped the price $30, so this is significantly better. As one editor pointed out, "Buy it and sell it back for $15 and you have a PROFIT." One thing to note is that these are almost certainly the models that experienced the RRoD (red ring of death) issue. Also, you're limited to two.
  • Microsoft Xbox One S 500GB Console with Free Game for $189 at Microsoft
    Many retailers are offering the Xbox One S 500GB console at this price, but it doesn't come with any extras. This deal includes a free game (choose from 5 different titles), and a 1-month Xbox Game Pass to boot. The goodies make this bundle very appealing compared to the barebones offers from other retailers.

    Of note, Kohl's offers the standalone console bundled with $45 Kohl's Cash. Target also has the console for the same price, only it's bundled with a $25 Target gift card.
  • PlayStation 4 1TB Console for $189.99 at BJ's Wholesale Club
    The best price we've seen for this console (plus an extra controller) is $300. Even though this doesn't come with any games, it's still the best outright price for the slim console we've seen.

    If you're not a member at BJ's Wholesale Club (or just prefer to shop elsewhere), Kohl's has this console bundled with $60 Kohl's Cash for $199.99. Alternatively, GameStop has it bundled with a $50 gift card for the same price as well. If you aren't interested in the Kohl's Cash, it can also be found for $199 at Sam's Club, Walmart, and (It's also available for $1 more at Best Buy, Newegg, and Target.)


  • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Explorer's Edition for Nintendo Switch for $49 at Walmart
    Nintendo discounts are usually rare, so this deal is already surprising. Additionally, this edition won't be released until Thanksgiving Day (November 23), so for it to be receiving an immediate discount of $10 is beyond awesome.
  • Forza 7 for Xbox One for $39.99 at Microsoft
    We've only seen this game as part of a buy 2, get 1 free offer; otherwise, it's been full price since its October release. Not only is this deal the first real discount, but it marks a $20 drop from the normal list price — which is nothing to scoff at.
  • Assassin's Creed: Origins for Xbox One for $34.99 at Best Buy
    This game was just released at the end of October, and so far the lowest we've seen it drop to is $47.99. To see it fall even further for Black Friday makes this title a great deal.

Best Black Friday Streaming Ads

  • Roku Express+ HD Bundle for $22 at Walmart
    This isn't the most exciting discount for this particular Roku model, as several other stores have advertised the same price. However, Walmart has sweetened the deal with interesting extras: a free month of DirecTV Now, a month of Showtime, an HDMI cable, and a $5 Vudu credit.
  • Roku Streaming Stick+ Bundle for $48 at Walmart
    Not only does this offer come with the extras mentioned above (a free month of DirecTV Now, a month of Showtime, an HDMI cable, and a $5 Vudu credit), but it's also the first discount we've seen on the Roku Streaming Stick+. We predicted that it would be $60!
  • Google Chromecast + $5 Vudu Credit for $20 at Walmart
    It's the best outright deal we've seen for this streaming media player (most other retailers are charging around $25). Plus, the free Vudu credit makes it even better, since you can use it to rent or buy a movie.
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote for $24.99 at Best Buy
    Although we were hoping the Fire TV stick would drop slightly lower in price, this is still the best deal we've seen for it. It's also the same price at Target, Staples, and Amazon.

Best Black Friday Camera Ads

  • Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera with Film + $15 Kohl's Cash for $69.99 at Kohl's
    Although we saw the Instax Mini 8 go for around $61 last Black Friday, this deal is for the newest generation. We haven't seen any deals on the Mini 9 yet, and the fact that it's bundled with a 20-pack of film and $15 Kohl's Cash makes this especially appealing.

    Alternatively, Target will have the same model bundled with a 10-pack of Rainbow instant film for $59.99. That's a better deal for shoppers who can't use the Kohl's Cash.
  • Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera Bundle for $499.99 at BJ's Wholesale Club
    This DSLR earned our Editors' Choice designation last Black Friday when it was bundled with two lenses for $497. This year, it's $2 more expensive, but the bundle also appears to include an SD card. That's definitely worth it if you're in the market for a high-end camera.

    Not a BJ's member? Costco will have a similar bundle for the same price.
  • Canon EOS Rebel T6 Bundle + $135 Kohl's Cash for $449.99 at Kohl's
    We saw this bundle earlier this year, but it only came with $90 Kohl's Cash. Additionally, we saw similar bundles for around $400 last Black Friday. But if you factor in the Kohl's Cash, this deal beats those others significantly.

    The Kohl's Cash makes this one especially appealing, but if you're not interested in that, Target, Costco, BJ's Wholesale Club, and Office Depot and Office Max will all have similar bundles for $449.99.

Best Black Friday Home Assistant Ads

Amazon Alexa

  • Amazon Echo Plus with Philips Hue Bulb for $119.99 at Amazon
    Amazon's brand new, top-of-the-line home automation hub was just released at the end of October, so this Black Friday deal will be the first discount we've seen. At only $120 after the $30 discount, the price is hard to beat. Plus, it comes with a Philips Hue Bulb, which typically costs at least $15.
  • Amazon Echo for $79.99 at Target
    If you're not interested in the fancier Echo Plus, then you might want to opt for Amazon's entry-level Echo. This model only started shipping on October 31, so a discount already of $20 off makes this deal particularly notable. It's also available for the same price at Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, and in Gray and Black at Staples.

    Buying an Echo at Amazon? You can add a smart plug to any Echo purchase for $5. That's a $20 savings and a nice perk.
  • Amazon Echo Show in Black or White for $179.99 at Staples
    Released earlier this year, this Echo includes a screen for video chatting. We've only seen slight discounts on this model so far, or promos that included a discount if you bought a multipack. This is the best price we've seen for one outright.
  • Amazon Echo Dot in Black or White for $29.99 at Staples
    This home assistant device beats our predictions by $10, as well as being the best price ever. It's available for the same price at Amazon, Target, Best Buy, and Kohl's.

Google Home

  • Google Home + $25 Off Google Express for $79 at Walmart
    Deals on the Amazon Echo's direct competitor will be in abundance on Black Friday, with a bevy of retailers selling it for a buck less than the Echo. (You'll find this price at Lowe's, Staples, Office Depot & Office Max, Best Buy, Target, JCPenney, and Kohl's.) However, only Walmart's deal comes with a $25 off discount on a future Google Express order.
  • Google Home Mini + $25 Walmart Google Express Credit for $29 at Walmart
    Other retailers are offering the Home Mini for the same price, which is surprising since we weren't expecting any discounts at all. But this Home Mini deal is particularly impressive because it's also bundled with a $25 coupon valid for Walmart orders on Google Express. If you use the credit, that's almost like getting it for $4!

    Not interested in the Google Express credit? You can instead get the Google Home Mini in Chalk or Charcoal with a $10 Visa Gift Card for the same price at Staples. Also, both Best Buy and Target will offer the Mini for $29 with a $10 store gift card.
  • Harman Kardon Invoke for $99.95 at Microsoft
    If you're not a fan of Alexa or Siri, you can give Cortana a try with this home assistant speaker. The speaker was just released in October, so a $100 discount is nothing to sneeze at.

Everything Else

  • Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch + $45 Kohl's Cash for $149.99 at Kohl's
    We were hoping to see the Blaze drop under $100, and even when you factor in the Kohl's Cash, this offer doesn't quite hit that mark. However, because many retailers are still charging at least $150 for the Blaze with no bundled credits, this is still a solid buy for regular Kohl's shoppers.
  • Denon 7.2-Channel 4K Receiver with $100 Newegg Gift Card for $449 at Newegg
    Did you miss this incredible deal when Newegg offered it earlier this month? No worries, because it's coming back! Assuming you'll use the gift card, it's still the best price we've seen for the Denon AVR-X2300W.
  • Beyerdynamic DT-990 Over-Ear Headphones for $124.99 at Newegg
    If you're in the market for some moderately priced open-back cans, you genuinely can't do better than this offer. Previously, the Beyerdynamic DT-990 has only fallen to $135 — and that was all the way back in March.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited 3-Month Subscription for 99 cents at Amazon
    This is a great offer, but it's only eligible for non-Prime members, as well as those Prime members who have yet to try Amazon Music Unlimited. Still, that's a savings of up to $27.
  • Klipsch 10" 300W Wireless Subwoofer for $199 at Newegg
    This is hands down the best price we've seen for this subwoofer model. Previously, the lowest we'd seen was $229.

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