Here's what to expect from Apple's September 14 event


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In brief: This fall is expected to be packed with Apple hardware announcements, and the first wave is happening on Tuesday. The first devices to make an appearance will be the iPhone 13 lineup accompanies by the Apple Watch Series 7 and new entry-level AirPods. There are new iPads and Macs in the pipeline, but those will arrive at a second event.

Apple's 'California streaming' event is right around the corner, and the company is expected to announce several new products, including the iPhone 13 lineup, Apple Watch Series 7, and new AirPods. Below is a rundown of what to expect from the event.

The iPhone 13 won't deviate too much from the design recipe of last year's iPhone 12 and will at most have a slightly narrower notch. That means we'll see four different models -- two standard variants with dual camera modules and two Pro models with triple camera modules. Check out the alleged photos of an iPhone 13 Pro dummy unit

That said, the new iPhone 13 lineup will come with a slew of camera improvements, including more AI-powered filters, higher quality video recording on the Pro models, and Cinematic Video -- something best described as the video equivalent of Portrait mode.

A faster processor in the form of the A15 chipset is a given, but a more interesting change is that Apple is going with a low-temperature polycrystalline oxide (LTPO) backplane for the OLED display on the Pro models. In other words, you can expect these to support a 120Hz refresh rate and possibly even always-on capabilities.

Apple may also integrate support for low earth orbit (LEO) satellite connectivity. However, that feature will probably be unavailable at launch and arrive via a software update sometime next year. And while this is a significant upgrade, it won't turn the iPhone 13 lineup into satellite phones. What you'll get with one of these new models is the ability to send emergency texts and SOS signals.

A last-minute rumor that arrived over the weekend is that Apple will finally have a 1-terabyte storage option for the iPhone 13 -- the largest in any iPhone generation so far. Most people, however, will be pleased to hear that Apple is replacing the 64-gigabyte entry-level option with a configuration that has a more spacious 128 gigabytes of storage.

The second device expected to make an appearance at the event is the Apple Watch Series 7. This will be the second major redesign since the Apple Watch Series 4, with a flat-edged design and slightly larger 1.9-inch flat screen with slimmer bezels.

However, don't expect any major health upgrades this year outside of a blood pressure sensor. And even that could be a no-show as it caused Apple a great deal of trouble during trial manufacturing runs. Things like body temperature and blood sugar monitoring will arrive in future generations of the Apple Watch.

Another announcement that is coming this fall is a new pair of entry-level AirPods. These will mimic the design of the current AirPods Pro and are expected to be unveiled alongside the iPhone 13 lineup.

If you've been waiting for the redesigned iPad and iPad mini, they are probably weeks away from making an appearance. Still, these will be thinner and faster than current models, which have not seen a significant update in years. There are also M1X-powered 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models in the pipeline, with Mini LED screens, no Touch bar, a MagSafe connector, and more.

Apple unveiled iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and WatchOS 8 earlier this year while they were still in beta. Some things have changed since then, and the company will offer another look along with official release dates at the Tuesday event.

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