'hey!' and 'i'm building this website...'

By lizc
Jul 6, 2005
  1. hey, i'm liz from the netherlands. i've been browsing the internet for quite a while now but i can't find the specific information i need. so maybe someone here can help me. see, i'm starting up a new website, but since i've been keeping things pretty simple in the past, i stumbled upon a little problem. i have these buttons/icons and they have mouse-over pictures, but i actually also want mouse-over sounds. little sounds that you hear when you put your mouse on the icons. so, here's the question. how do i pull this off in html-code?
    and if anyone knows the url to a good website with html information (not just them damn basics), i'd appreciate it if you could spread the word (if possible directly to me).

    thanks a bunch in advance, guys.

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